Hi just to say I was very impressed with the tandoori spice mix named above i am 46 and bring my 2 sons up on my own.  I do a lot of cooking and have so many spices in my cupboard hopefully I can cut them down a bit. I am surprised I have not seen it before better late than never. You should advertise it more my boys loved the tandoori hope they like the others.

LA - London

I am in London on a regular basis and pick up from Tesco, Riya’s Tandoori Masala Mix. It is the best one I have found anywhere, I live and work in Baku Azerbaijan.


"Riya’s chicken pakora coat and fry mix" - it's a family favourite.

NV - Birmingham

Riya’s naans are the best! If you want as good as restaurant quality buy these.

JH – Loughborough

It’s great to finally find spice mixes that don’t need umpteen other ingredients to make one dish. It does what it says on the pack!!  Please can you develop some more?

AK – Hinckley

OMG your naans are amazing!  Love ‘em!

AM – Brighton

Just had your Farsi Puris – as an Indian myself I wasn’t expecting much. WOW they are amazing. Just like homemade! These are a family favourite I pick up during my weekly shop. Please make some more varieties!

TG - Wembley

After many years of visiting the Middle East for business, I developed a love of the food, especially the flatbread. I tried making it and failed miserably. I tried to buy it, but couldn't find anything close. Then one day, shopping is Asda, I spotted a large pack of delicious looking flatbread. My expectation of disappointment began to fade when I opened the pack. The bread was light, fluffy, soft and the flavour was authentic. We now use Riyas lavash as wraps and instead of naan with Indian food. An excellent product that I hope Asda will continue to stock.

Roy - Grantham Lincs

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